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Birthdate:Dec 21
M'gann M'orzz | Miss Martian

misschocolover | dc teen titans | dc_nation + trans 9

M'gann at DC Nation (Alternate History)

Megan Morse is quite simply not of this world. Raised inside the Phantom Zone and freed by chance by the machinations of Dr's Ivo and T.O. Morrow, Megan came to Earth as a refugee, rejected by her kin. Though biologically a white martian she has always been somewhat departed from the vicious genocidal leanings of most of her race, and she has now made her home on Earth as a hero to humanity, forming a family from her friends as a founding member (and catalyst for the formation of) the Titans South. Enduring Blackest Night along side her team and has only put her roots on Earth down even deeper. Megan is carving out a little place for herself in the world ... and then filling that place with puppies and candy and unicorns, because she's Megan.

M'gann at Transmigration 9 (Canon History)

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animated movies, being afraid of rainforests, cacti, chocos, discovery channel, driving, fairy tales, food network, having tea, history channel, inanimate objects as weapons, magic, mars, mexican food, milk, movies, national geographic channel, paco's mom, pandas, scientific explainations, shoes, spanish, spicy nacho doritos, sticks, swimming, symphonic metal bands, the desert, wikipedia

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